What carries you?

For us it’s a deep sense of wanderlust and adventure. So it feels only fitting that Karibu Sandals was conceived on a recent trip to Tanzania and Kenya.

From the Maasai to the Masses

In Africa we became infatuated with the Maasai people who manage to balance deep-rooted traditions with an uber cool sense of personal style, and a fun and easy-going nature.

It turned out we had more in common with the Maasai than first meets the eye (who would have thought they would be Beliebers too...), and it was on the island of Zanzibar that we struck an unlikely friendship with Moses and Christopher, two Maasai Warriors from the Kilimanjaro tribe, who were sporting super cool pairs of sandals.

Just like them, the sandals were strong, durable yet stylish. Not only did we want a pair, but realised that so too would our friends... So that's when we decided to bring Karibu Sandals from the Maasai to the Masses. 

Social Footprint

Of equal importance we want our business venture to leave a positive social footprint and help improve the lives of incredible people like the one's that inspired us to launch the business in the first place. That's why £1 from each pair of Karibu's sold is donated to not-for-profit Shukuru.