What does Karibu mean?

Karibu means 'you're welcome' in Swahili - and is a common greeting phrase in Tanzania and Kenya - where Karibu Sandals are manufactured. 

What are Karibu Sandals made from?

Karibu Sandals are made from a high-quality and very malleable PVC - with similar feel to a Havaiana flip-flop. The sandals mould into your feet and have stylish cut-outs, which allow your feet to breathe. They are incredibly comfortable and provide support - so that you can wear them for most summer activities. 

What is the social footprint of Karibu Sandals?

$1 from each pair of Karibu Sandals is donated to not-for-profit Shukuru - which provides microfinancing loans for women's education in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

We manufacture Karibu Sandals in Mombasa, Kenya - helping to support a thriving community whose life-blood is around shoe manufacturing. 

What is the US / European size equivalent?

  • UK Size 5 = US Size 7 = EU Size 36-37
  • UK Size 6 = US Size 8 = EU Size 38 -39
  • UK Size 7 = US Size 9 = EU Size 40-41

Where do you stock Karibu Sandals?

Currently we predominately sell online via our e-commerce store. We also have a small quantity stocked at Hair and Body Tonic @ Bay  - (1 Beach St, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, Australia).

However, we are looking to expand to stylish boutiques across inner London, Melbourne and Sydney soon. If you are interested stockists or buyers, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at: ContactUs@KaribuSandals.com

Where do your Karibu's carry you?

Karibu's are the ultimate travel companion - whether you're commuting on the tube, or travelling abroad. Karibu is synonymous with a sense of adventure and zest for life. Where ever you wish to explore your Karibus will carry you! 

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for contributors to help build and shape our brand. Feel free to take a happy snap of you and Karibu's (where ever they may carry you) and tag us @Karibu_Sandals on Instagram. 

How do I stay informed of new product and updates?

For product updates, Karibu events and our latest news sign-up to our e-newsletter on the Contact Us page. 

Do you have kids sizes?

As we have recently launched, we currently only stock in UK Size 5 - 7 (female) in Black and White. However, we are looking to expand our range in the near future to also cater for kids sizes. Watch this space.

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do! We recently expanded our store to Australia, UK and the US - as well as across the globe. 

Do Karibu Sandals come in any other colours?

Karibu Sandals currently come in Zanzibar White and Ebony Black. We are always keen to hear your thoughts and ideas on new range and colour options.